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Rose Sugar Scrub

Rose Sugar Scrub

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8oz Jar


 Enjoy the amazing scent of Rose Geranium essential oil.

This emulsified sugar scrub is made with Organic cane and organic brown sugar (as all our scrubs are) raw shea butter and moisturizing oils to gently exfoliate your skin and nourish it at the same time.

 Rose Geranium  essential oil skin benefits

Pink French clay as a natural colorant. it also helps with the removal of dead skin and detoxing your skin.

     Tightens the skin, removes dead skin cells and a soothing antimicrobial topical agent that may help treat bacterial acne. 

 *Avoid getting water inside the container to prevent the growth of bacteria

Say hello to soft, smooth skin! Rose Sugar Scrub is an all-natural organic exfoliant made with organic sugar and geranium essential oil. It can be used to scrub your face and body. Ideal for those who have dry skin, this scrub will hydrate your skin while removing dead cells with the sugar. The smell of rose will also leave you feeling refreshed after you're done. Give your skin a treat today!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Valerie Anderson
Grat Glow

This scrub is awesome I use it for my face and give my face a nice feel and glow. My skin looks clearer.

Sarah E Widman
My Skin Looks Amazing!

My skin has been a million times better since using this scrub! I have less acne. It’s less dry. And it feels amazing!